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Does Taking a Cold Shower Raise Testosterone Levels in Men?

A cold shower or warm shower? Which is good for your testosterone? Science has the answer for it already. Learn more about it here.

A cold and comforting shower before bed is a real deal, and many of us do that without a second thought.

Now it turns out that a cold shower can indeed work in favor of you not by giving you a good night’s sleep but also by increasing your testosterone levels.

The benefit of higher testosterone is a topic for another article, but in a nutshell, it is an important additive for love-making and athletic performance.

This article discusses the science behind it and gives you a pro tip to further boost the t-hormone level after a cold shower.

Let’s get started.

Cold shower and testosterone levels – Is there any relation?

Yes, there is a very clear-cut relationship between both, and the explanation is slightly physiological.

Testosterone is a male hormone, and it is mainly secreted by the testicles in the male body. If you look at the anatomy of males, the testicles are placed in a scrotum, which is outside the body.

This placement ensures a slightly lower temperature than that of the body for sperm production to occur flawlessly.

A cold shower can physically assure a colder scrotum temperature, triggering the brain to secrete more testosterone to prepare for sperm production.

Thus getting a cold shower, especially at night, can give you a high in bed and also grant a pleasant sleep.

What if I don’t like cold showers?

Well, if a cold shower isn’t your thing, go for a warm one and supplement testosterone with a natural booster pill.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of nutraceutical testosterone pills on the market. If you can pick the right product, it can guarantee a significant change in t-hormone production.

Prime Male, Andro400, Nugenix Ultimate, etc., are some of the customer favorites, but you can keep looking to find more.

Keep in mind, not all testosterone boosters are natural. Some of them are steroid-based, which can give you a hard time in the later stages of life.


Yes, a cold shower is a great way to get a quick rush of testosterone, according to science. But you might not benefit a lot from it because the hike is very small and wouldn’t have a more pronounced effect.

But the good news is,  you can include a testosterone booster pill in your daily routine, and this, when combined with natural t-boosting efforts, will give you guaranteed results, especially in bed immediately after the shower.

So, start taking a cold shower, and try including natural remediation to keep your manliness at its peak!

Written by Tom Knight