Best Weight Loss Plateau Solutions

Best Weight Loss Plateau Solutions

Weight loss plateauing could halt your fat-loss journey and kill your motivation. Here are the best weight loss plateauing solutions to help you beat it.

Weight loss is tougher than you think, and it is easier to gain weight but to lose that extra pounds of fat means it takes a mammoth task.

You might have noticed a significant weight loss in the early days of your fat burning program, but then after some time, there is stagnation characterized by reduced weight loss.

Plateauing is the technical term assigned to this stall in weight reduction that occurs after initial weight loss 1.

This phenomenon is seen in most of the men, even when there are a strict dietary revision and lifestyle change.

This stagnation or plateauing could very well be the reason why most of us lose motivation to stick with the weight loss program.

Well, science has an answer for this and gives a few tips & tricks that will help you get past the weight loss plateau.

In this article, we will understand why plateauing occurs and learn some ways to beat it.

So, without pouring more words here, lets us find out why you get it and some weight loss plateau solutions.

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Why does weight loss plateau happen?

Plateau is a phase that hits most of the weight loss seekers around 6 ~ 8-month mark, during which a person wouldn’t be able to lose any more weight irrespective of diet and workout strategy.

Weight loss plateau was a medical mystery until scientists discovered why it happens, and it turns out to be a safety mechanism deployed by the body.

You can take it this way; the body is a smart battery that drains its charge until a certain point at which it realizes it has to do something to save some juice for an emergency.

The body makes necessary metabolic changes to adapt to this new situation, i.e., low-calorie diet and rigorous workout, so that it can preserve some of its fat for a worst-case scenario.

But some researchers argue that it is, in fact, the inability of people to follow a hard and fast rule in their life that leads to plateauing.

Sticking to a low-calorie diet and controlling your craving might seem unrealistic; people make conscious fluctuations sometimes, and this might well be the reason why plateauing occurs, according to some experts.

Best weight loss plateau solutions

Lets us check out some weight loss plateau solution and try to grab an insight about each so that you can straightaway include them in your routine to bypass plateauing:

Exercise intensity

Intense exercise

Before plateau catches you, you avoid it by increasing the intensity of exercise.

One major observation was that during the plateauing phase, the body slows down the metabolism to prevent weight loss.

You force your body to increase the metabolism rate with the help of increasing the frequency or intensity of your workout.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a technique used in weight loss to keep an increasing pace of metabolic rate to trick plateauing.

You can increase the number of reps, workout an extra two days per week, or try interval training.

Protein is the key


You are indeed supposed to cut your food supply, especially when you are on a weight loss diet.

But protein is something you can excuse from that because this macronutrient is more critical than it looks.

It is carbs and fat that you need to watch out for, but protein, on the other hand, do things opposite to other two macronutrients.

Protein can increase the metabolic rate due to a phenomenon called ‘thermic effect of food (TEF)’.

The digestion is enhanced, and as a result, the calorie-burning gets a 20 ~30% boosts, which is twice as that of fat or carb.

Not just that, a hormone called PYY is stimulated by a higher protein diet, which is a crucial compound that can reduce your appetite.

Fasting: the key to overcome plateauing

Intermittent fasting is an upcoming health practice in which people go on fasting for 16 ~ 48 hours without food.

Research studies 2 assessing this practice found a 3-8% weight loss while decreasing 3-7% waist length in a few weeks.

You can either go on a single stretch of fasting for long hours (typically 24 to 48hours) or try fasting for 12 hours on alternative days.

This technique, when coupled with a low calories diet, is an excellent way to bypass plateauing.

In one particular study 3, it was found that intermittent fasting protects you against excessive muscle mass loss compared to that of a daily calorie restriction.

Sometimes, people abstain from solid foods that are rich in carbs and fats, while feeding themselves with liquid food for necessary vitamins and minerals during the fasting hours.

Fiber-rich foods

Fiber rich foods

You might be familiar with your granny’s constant request to eat more veggies, and the science approves it wholeheartedly.

Water-soluble fiber is an essential nutrient that helps you get past weight loss plateau.

It can slow down the movement of food through the small intestine, which tricks your to body believe you are full and thus reduces your appetite and need for frequent snack breaks.

Well, keep in mind that it’s the viscous fiber that is more beneficial for weight loss than other types of fiber.

Also, fiber-rich foods can create a calorie barrier and reduces the number of calories you absorb from other foods you eat.

According to researchers, a weight loss seeker needs to consume anywhere between 18 to 36 grams of fiber from the daily meal to combat weight loss plateauing.

A carb-less diet

Low carbs food

So, what’s the best weight loss plateau solution?

A carb-less diet is one of the top 5 on the list.

When it comes to weight loss, the first and foremost step, you need to take is to cut the carbs to the minimum safe limit.

In a 2013 study 4 published on the British Journal of Nutrition, it was found that people who consumed 50 grams or fewer carbs a day had successful weight loss compared to other conventional dietary changes.

There are studies 5 that found that when the carb is reduced, the body shifts to fat for fueling metabolism, which in turn results in a drastic weight loss.

The ketones produced as a result of a low carb diet helps in reducing the appetite as well.

Know what you eat

Keeping track of the foods that you eat makes a significant difference so that you know how much you have eaten and how much more to regulate.

Studies 6 show that people underestimate the food they eat, and as a result, most people tend to eat twice the calorie they are supposed to take.

Even if you wanted to modify your diet, you must know the quantity of macronutrients that you fed yourself.

Recording daily intake may not sound great, but when you analyze it in detail, you will understand how it will help you in reducing the weight by keeping you calorie-conscious.

The best part is that there are lots of smartphone apps that can help you keep track of the foods that you eat, and based on the information you feed, the apps will calculate the number of calories you have eaten.

Though not precise, this method is by far the best possible way to keep a good track of calorie flow.

Bye-bye stress

According to several studies, stress is one of the critical factors that can have a psychological, physiological, and social influence on your weight loss.

The plateauing can be accelerated by stress, and in fact, it could even prevent you from getting out of the loop.

In a 2009 study 7, it was observed that the stress hormone cortisol was found to increase the belly fat deposit.

Men who handle stressful jobs are often vulnerable to potbelly, and that, combined with a sedentary job, makes it even challenging to lose weight.

Once weight loss plateau is hit, keeping stress at bay is the best possible defense you can take in order to motivate the body to lose more fat.

Some studies 8 confirm the theory as well.

A group of weight-loss seekers, when admitted to a stress management program, had an increased weight loss of 9.7 pounds (average) compared to the control group.

Alcohol is a killer


Excess is a poison, and this proverb might have been derived from alcohol consumption because the scenario is perfectly matched here.

A little of social drinking is okay, but if you are an alcoholic, it can be one reason by you are plateauing on weight loss.

Alcohol can mess with your brain and weakens your will power, which might result in overeating.

If you often get impulsive food cravings and alcohol could worsen it, thus ruining your weight loss efforts.

There are pieces of evidence 9 that suggest that alcohol could suppress your fat-burning ability, thus making it difficult for you to lose weight.

Therefore, if there is a pause in your weight loss flow, check your boozing habit, and you might want to give it up for the cause.

Choose what you drink

Not all beverages favor weight loss, while some may even promote the plateauing, and that is why you need to decide what you drink specifically.

The best drink for weight loss is the plain & simple water, which can increase the metabolism by a whopping 24-30% for almost up to 1.5 hours 10 when you drink a minimum of 500 ml water.

So, if you are on a plateau, you can get it off by drinking a lot of water.

People who drank one glass of water before meals had a 44% more weight loss 11 than non-water drinking peers.

If water isn’t enticing you, don’t worry, tea or coffee can be an excellent mid-day beverage for boosting fat loss.

The stimulants like caffeine in these drinks will promote faster metabolism, which in turn helps in fat burning.

If ordinary coffee and tea is not your thing, then green tea is an excellent drink and one of the best weight loss plateauing solutions.

The antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea boosts weight loss by 17%12.

Fat burners: A shortcut remedy

Well, if the body tricks you, trick it back with fat burners.

Fat burners are nothing but supplements that can help in weight loss.

Make sure that you use organic fat burners that are made from herbal & plant-based products.

They work by increasing metabolism using the thermogenic effect, which is the best possible way to overcome weight loss plateauing.

But, in order to get the best results, go with reputed brands and popular products like Crazy Bulk’s Anvarol, Clenbutrol, Fast Burn Extreme, BurnBooster, Instant Knockout, PhenQ, and Piperinox.

They are one of the quickest methods to overcome the halt, which, when combined with natural remedies, will put you back on track much faster.


Weight loss diet

So, chill people. Weight loss plateauing isn’t a big deal, especially when you know what to do.

Fueling your motivation is very critical at this point because if your hard work is not translating into results, things might go south.

So, set realistic goals and educate yourself about a possible weight loss plateauing that might hit you at some point in the early days of weight loss journey.

Keep in mind that raising your slowing metabolism is the key to escape from a fat-burning halt.

So, make conscious efforts to make it happen, and that’s where the above-mentioned weight loss plateauing solutions comes handy.

You can rely on some of the weight loss agents, and they are the most accessible shortcuts you can avail to escape the plateau effect.

Fill yourself with positivity, and that’s the point when plateauing starts to subside.

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